Flight Training

Become A Pilot Flight Training / Ab Initio

Pan Am International Flight Academy, one of the largest and most experienced aviation pilot and airline training organizations, is the right choice for Ab Initio – Airline Cadet Pilot Training, that is approved to conduct FAA flight training courses for international students, from the basic Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Single Engine or Multi Engine.

Professional Pilot Training
FAA Airline Pilot Program (FAA License)

The state of the art training facilities are located in Kissimmee-Orlando, Florida USA. With all year round warm temperatures and beautiful blue skies, the climate conditions are an ‘aviation perfect’ environment for flight training from zero flight time thru airline type ratings.

Ab Initio

Conducted by Pan Am International Flight Academy, this course is designed for beginners. Education will take approximately 12 months from PPL up to CPL Single Engine. The endorsement to Indonesian license will be held at Perkasa Flight School in Indonesia, and managed by Perkasa Flight School, the pilot school owned by PT Mitra Aviasi Perkasa.

Private Pilot License

  • Ground school : max. 40 hours
  • Flight : max. 57 hours
  • Simulator : max : 3 hours

Instrument Rating

  • Ground school : max. 13 hours
  • Flight : max. 34 hours
  • Simulator : max 13 hours

Commercial Pilot  License – Single Engine

  • Ground school : max. 35 hours
  • Flight : max. 55 hours
  • Simulator : max. 3.5 hours

Commercial Pilot License – Multi Engine (for those who pursue Multi Engine)

Additional flight of 15 hours in multi engine aircraft