Your Hardworks Pays Off, Roni!

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Your Hardworks Pays Off, Roni!

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Kissimme, Florida – Hardworks pays off! It was the first thing on our mind when Java International’s Cadet, named Roni Trisnawan informed that he already passed his Private Pilot License Checkride.

For his Private Pilot License, Roni Trisnawan spends 6 months to get around 70h of flight training since May 2017, Java International Flight School are very proud with his achievement, and we really hope he can pass his Instrument Rating & Commercial Pilot License phase as smooth as his Private Pilot License phase.

About Roni Trisnawan

Roni Trisnawan (born in Padang on 14th Desember, 1994) is an Indonesians who joined as Java International Flight School batch XVII cadets. Roni’s holds an engineering bachelor degree from Politeknik Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia. Previously Roni’s also had a career on motorbike race. When he come to Java’s head office he said that he would like to make his dream comes true, that’s why he is join to Java International Flight School. We are very glad to help Roni to make his dream comes true. We hope he will pass all the pilot training very soon and be success with his aviation career when he return to Indonesia.

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