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Congratulation For Your 1st Solo Flight, Yulia!

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Kissimme, Florida –  Dear Yulia Lebedeva, How does it feel flying for the first time alone and in complete control of the airplane? its nervous yet exhilarating right? Congratulation for your succeed! As a pilots, you will have certain memories about flying, but one memories that you guys will never forget is your first solo flight. Please keep up the great work and you will have your pilot license very soon.

About Yulia
Yulia Lebedeva (born September 19, 1989) is a Russian girl who joined as Java International Flight School batch XVII cadets. Yulia holds a bachelor degree of economics from Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, RUDN. Previously Yulia also work as an flight attendant on Russian Airlines. Yulia’s said she had a dream to become a Pilot since she was a kid. Java International Flight School are very glad to help Yulia to make her dream comes true. We hope she will obtain her Commercial Pilot License very soon and will be success for her future aviation career.

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Former JIFS Batch XV Cadet Join to Multi Engine Rating Course

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Former Java International Flight School batch XV, Mr. Adi Aghan Syahputra – CPL Single Engine License holder are Continue his education. Now, he’s in progress to obtain his CPL Multi Engine License (Multi Engine Rating course)

During Multi Engine Rating course, Adi Aghan will flee with Beechcraft Duchess 76. Multi Engine aircraft of PanAm International Flight Academy. We hope Mr. Adi Aghan could complete ME Rating course immediately and will join to reputable airlines in Indonesia as soon as possible.

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